i reckon i’m gonna try and put together a compilation of good people doing covers of sitcom theme tunes. i haven’t really thought about the practicalities yet, but here’s some rough guidelines that i just dreamt up:

– cover must be of a sitcom theme tune
– that “after you’ve gone” theme tune by jamie cullum is not allowed (if you’ve not seen “after you’ve gone” then i would strongly advise against giving it a go)
– will probably get physical copies done, all profits go to an as yet undecided charity (feel free to suggest good ones!)
– deadline of may 1st 2016
– email me and let me know what song you want to do before you book studio time with steve albini, that way there’s no duplicates
– if you wanna pick an instrumental theme tune and add your own lyrics then i’m not gonna stop you

check @starshello for updates. send any submissions to stephen dot b dot carlton at gmail dot com.