Corporation Pop

We did a disco at the weekend and I think it went okay. Here’s (roughly) what we played – we added some stuff as the night went on and maybe chopped a couple of things out. I can’t remember. We played some songs that aren’t on Spotify too and they were:

Adam Rickitt – I Breathe Again
No Ditching – I Should Read In Bed, I Watch GG Instead
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
T-Shirt Weather – Gum
Ace Bushy Striptease – Long-Term Relationship In Durham
The Potentials – Cibo Matto (Are Playing At The Bronze Tonight)

If you want to know about any potential future Corporation Pops, like the Facebook page and that will possibly help you find out about things. Thanks to all those people that came along Рwe really appreciate it very much and we hope you all had a nice time.