Corporation Pop

We did a disco at the weekend and I think it went okay. Here’s (roughly) what we played – we added some stuff as the night went on and maybe chopped a couple of things out. I can’t remember. We played some songs that aren’t on Spotify too and they were: Adam Rickitt – I…

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corporation pop

hello! this is something ~new~ we’re trying and i hope you can come! we’re doing a club night in the basement at kosmonaut. and by club night i mean we’re playing all of our favourite music off spotify so we can all have a dance and a nice time. requests are more than welcome. expect…

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hiya! i reckon i’m gonna try and put together a compilation of good people doing covers of sitcom theme tunes. i haven’t really thought about the practicalities yet, but here’s some rough guidelines that i just dreamt up: – cover must be of a sitcom theme tune – that “after you’ve gone” theme tune by…

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My Lil Rem Stadt

hello i have made a zine about a boat. you can’t buy it yet but here is a trailer.