about me

this is a page that attempts to capture some of the

things i do when i’m at work and some of the things i do when i’m not at work.

i do all of the things to a not particularly great
standard, but that’s okay.

i’m a research services librarian at the university of manchester (and have done other similar roles at the university of salford and university of liverpool). i’m interested in open access and scholarly communications stuff.

i am one of the people that runs salford zine library, a not-for-profit archive of self published things housed at nexus art cafe. and i help to do northwest zinefest, a kind of almost annual zinefest held in manchester.

i put on occasional shows and discos under the name corporation pop and sometimes play music on my own as oka(y) and in a band called bird bath.

i make zines about things that i become temporarily excited about, like swedish cinema and norwegian ships and have contributed stuff to some cool zines on the subject of food and the medical tv drama e.r. (emergency room).

i do an instagram account called @msfinnmarken where i post photos from a norwegian cruise ship webcam, if that’s your kind of thing. i sometimes post the really nice ones on this website too.